Lance fly (Diptera: Lonchaeidae) host plants in the State of São Paulo, Southeast Brasil.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2015
Authors:A. Raga, de Souza-Filho, M. F., Strikis, P. C., Montes, S. M. N. M.

Many species of Lonchaeidae predominate in the complex of fruit flies (Tephritoidea) infesting more species of host fruits that the species of Tephritidae. In the southern hemisphere, very little is known about the diversity of the species of Lonchaeidae and their host relationship. This paper records the species of Lonchaeidae and their respective host plants as recovered out of a total of 1,522 samples of fruit relating to 113 plant species coming from 94 municipalities of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. A total of 26,906 Lonchaeidae adults were obtained, belonging to 14 species of Neosilba McAlpine, Dasiops inedulis Steyskal, Dasiops frieseni Norrbom & McAlpine and Lonchaea sp. Specimens of Neosilba represented 99.78 % of the adults recovered: N. bella Strikis & Prado, N. bifida Strikis & Prado, N. certa (Walker), N. cornuphallus Strikis, N. dimidiata Curran, N. inesperata Strikis & Prado, N. glaberrima (Wiedemann), N. laura Strikis, N. paramerolatus Strikis, N. parva Hennig, N. pradoi Strikis & Lerena, N. pendula (Bezzi), N. perezi (Romero & Ruppel) and N. zadolicha McAlpine & Steyskal. Neosilba zadolicha is predominant, abundant and generalist species

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