Infestación natural de Lonchaeidae (Diptera) en variedades de melocotón Natural infestation of peach varieties by Lonchaeidae (Diptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:S. M. N. M. Montes, Raga, A., Boliani, A. C., Strikis, P. C., Santos, P. C. Dos
Pagination:223 - 228

The occurrence of Lonchaeidae was studied in peach fruit varieties. A total of 633 specimens of Lonchaeidae were obtained with 394 from fruit varieties on 'Okinawa' and 239 on Ume. Captured species included Neosilba zadolicha, N. inesperata, N. pendula, N. bella, and Neosilba spp. (females). N. zadolicha and N. inesperata were observed in 77.78% of samples from the varieties on 'Okinawa'. On the lime rootstock, the greatest incidence was of N. zadolicha, N. inesperata and N. pendula (55.6%, 33.3% and 33.3%). The varieties Ouromel 3, Talisma, Docura 2 and Aurora 2 had the highest infestation rates by Lonchaeidae. N. certa had the lowest incidence and was only observed in the variety Docura 2 on 'Okinawa'. Plants with more fruits showed a higher incidence of flies per fruit. Nevertheless, there was no significant correlation between fruit weight and fly number. No significant difference was observed in fruit weight and number of flies per fruit between the two rootstocks, 'Okinawa' and lime. Peaches grown on 'Okinawa' and Ume rootstocks in the city of Presidente Prudente, are infested by Lonchaeidae species that present a preference for the different varieties, independent of fruit weight

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