Effect of some attractive bait traps and independant factors in population density of Fig Fly Fruit Silba virescens (MacQ.) (Lonchidae; Diptera) in Nineveh province Iraq.

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2006
Authors:S. I. Abdullah, Fandy K. T.
Journal:Arab J. Plant Prot.

Page Editors note - the species referred to here as Silba virescence (sic) is most probably Silba adipata McAlpine
The study was carried out at a fig orchard contains two fig varieties, i.e. Northern Banati and Turkish black, at Al-Qubba village in Rashidyia, during the period from April to December 2000, to test the effect of six types of attraction bait traps and independent factors on population density of fig fly fruit Silba virescence (Macq.). The traps were hung at three different heights (1.5, 2 and 2.5 m). Results indicated the efficiency of two types; the fourth type (date honey and water at a proportion of 1:9) and the fifth type comprising a mixture of sugar (10%) and date vinegar (30%), both attracted an average of 43.2 and 45.1 fly/trap, respectively. The control trap type 6, containing water only, was the least attractive 0.9 fly/trap. As for the traps height, the height 2.5m attracted an average 34.3 fly/trap. The Turkish black proved to be more susceptible to infestation by the fly than the second variety (Northern Banati) (34.2 and 14.0%, respectively). The calculated mathematical equation of the effect of independent factors (temperature, relative humidity and wind speed) on the population density of the fly have shown positive and direct effect of temperature and wind speed on the vitality of the fly on one hand and the negative effect and an inverse relationship with relative humidity.
Key words: Fig fruit flies, Silba virescence, bait traps, Iraq.
Corresponding author: S.I. Abdullah, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Mosul University, Nineveh, Iraq.

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