Old World lonchaeids of the genus Silba Macquart (= Carpolonchaea Bezzi), with descriptions of six new species (Diptera Lonchaeidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1956
Authors:J. F. McAlpine
Journal:The Canadian Entomologist
Pagination:521 - 544

This paper describes as new Silba abstata, S. adipata, S. admiralis, S. capiscarum, S. chalkei and S. fraterna.

Further descriptions are also provided of S. aristella (Becker) (now regarded as a synonym of S. virescens), S. atratula (description and illustrations are actually of S. vanemdeni), S. excisa (Kertesz), S. ficiperda (Bezzi), S.filifera (Bezzi), S. ophyroides (Bezzi) S. plumossisima (Bezzi) and S. setifera (De Meijere)

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