DVOJKRÍDLOVCE (DIPTERA) POHORIA BURDA Flies (Diptera) of the Burda Mountain (Slovakia)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:V. Straka, Majzlan O.
Journal:Ochrana prírody, Banská Bystrica,

A total of 1124 fly species in 71 families are recorded.  12 species of Lonchaeidae are mentioned :  Chaetolonchaea dasyops, Dasiops latifrons, Earomyia impossibile, Earomyia viridana, Lonchaea chorea, Lonchaea contigua, Lonchaea contraria, Lonchaea fugax, Lonchaea laxa (probably L. affinis!) Lonchaea palposa, Lonchaea patens and Protearomyia nigra  (may be a complex of species)

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