British Lonchaeidae. Diptera, Cyclorrhapha, Acalyptratae.

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:I. MacGowan, Rotheray G.
Series Title:Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects
Number of Pages:142
Publisher:Royal Entomological Society, London.
ISBN Number:978-0-90154-688-3
Keywords:British, Handbook, keys, Lonchaeidae

This publication represents the first full review of British Lonchaeidae (Diptera) since Collin (1953). Iain MacGowan is responsible for adult taxonomy and Graham Rotheray for larval taxonomy.  The British fauna is placed in a European context and a short overview of Lonchaeidae world-wide is provided. The number of species recognised as British has grown from 28 in 1953 to 46 in 2005 and a revised British checklist is provided.  Adult and larval morphology are described and key characters illustrated and discussed. Adult and larval ecology is reviewed.  Fully illustrated keys to adults are provided for the 5 genera and 46 species of British Lonchaeidae. A key to known puparia is also provided. Species accounts are given which provide additional taxonomic notes, review the British and European distribution of each species and give detailed ecological information where available.


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